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by Marilyn Cohler on
A Testimonial
Location: Lexington, Massachusetts

It's the best facial hydrant I've ever found, and I have tried many. I'm in my late 80s and have been using this product for almost 10 years. My facial skin has very few wrinkles, which I attribute it to this product. I first found it in a grocery store on Martha's Vineyard! Now I am able to buy it on the Web. Ah, the digital age!

by Gail McMeekin on
Ultra Healing Facial Creme - I LOVE IT, AND SO DOES MY SKIN

About a year ago I read about the healing powers of Seabuckthorn berry in Town and Country, and lo and behold I met Susan Norton a few weeks later and got some Sashabelle ultra healing facial creme. I am a fan for life! Plus they make the “perfect gift”

by Peggy on
Like Being At The Spa!
Location: PA

When you put on Sashabelle Facial Hydrant, it’s a very light, soothing feeling... and the scent makes you feel like you are in a spa.

by Julie on
Luscious icing on a decadent cake!

'I have one rule when it comes to body care products – no bad chemicals! I like to say that I’ll put it ON my body if I can safely put it IN my body. Sashabelle exceeds this standard. The fact that it has taken years off my face in just one month, feels divine, smells like heaven and supports a women owned business?

by Jeanne on
There is something almost spiritual about it!
Location: Wellsley, MA

I have tried all of the top cremes, both the high fashion brands like Lancome, Olay, and Clinique, as well as the all natural cremes like Dr. Hauschka. But this creme is a whole level better than the others. It sounds crazy, but I literally can’t wait to put it on. I don’t know what it is about it that makes it so wonderful — the aroma makes me feel so healthy, the viscosity is just right, and after I apply it, my skin feels moist and fresh.

by Sarah on
I am very happy with both the product and the rapid service!
Location: Falmouth, MA

Many years ago I got second and third degree burns on my face and body. Luckily I wasn’t scarred, but my skin became incredibly sensitive. Over the years I’ve tried many facial cremes. They have all made me break out in hives and made my eyes swell; or worse left my skin completely raw. I was walking into a health food store and I noticed a woman bringing in her facial cremes that she herself had made. She had given me a sample and that night I applied to my face before bed. The next morning I woke up, and my eyes weren’t burning and my skin looked and felt great! I was hooked! I’ve now been a faithful customer for 5 years. About a month a go I ran out of the hydrant, so I tried something different because I couldn’t get to the Vineyard. Well, again I awoke to dry skin flakes all over my face. I knew I needed my Sashabelle hydrant back. I called to see if it could be shipped to me, and HOORAY!

by Kathy on
A wonderful way to start the day!
Location: Santa Barbara, CA

I am thrilled to have found a natural moisturizer for my face that works! This cream feels wonderful on the skin, rich and moist. It penetrates the skin rather than sitting on top of it.

by Janine on
I loved the smell and the lightness of the cream
Location: Boulder, CO

Hi Susan. Thanks for the order. I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your facial cream! I bought the Facial Hydrant with Sea Buckthorn Berry while visiting Martha’s Vineyard three years ago. I loved the smell and the lightness of the cream, so I bought it, and loved it. But the real test was to take it home to high, dry Boulder Colorado and sure enough, it was one of the very best and most nourishing facial creams I have ever used. And believe me, I have tried so many different facial creams having lived in the high desert for many years. Keep it coming! Watch out Kiehl’s! Best of luck to you in growing your market. They say if you love what you do it shows, and success will surely follow. I wish this for you.

by Holly Getty on
Sashabelle skin cream has improved my skin and reduced my redness.
Location: Fabric Director, Calvin Klein Personal Stylist | NYC

I have EXTREMELY sensitive skin and most gentle creams work initially but then start to irritate over time. Sashabelle calmed my skin the first time I used it and has continued to calm my skin AND improve it. My redness has lessened significantly and skin tone looks much more even. My skin craves it and I look forward to applying it day and night. More than a few people have asked me if I have been on vacation lately. I have not and I credit that to Sashabelle.

by Ann Budreika on
Thank you! Thank you!
Location: West Roxbury, MA

I discovered your products at Morning Glory farm stand on the Vineyard last month. Now I cannot get enough! I swim daily laps a minke and my skin gets pretty dry from the chlorinated pool. The best part is drinking in your products on my face and beck following a shower. I just placed an order for two more boxes. So happy to be able to order from Boston. Love the texture, smell, and how my skin looks and feels after. Going to start adding the oil too at night. You are my mermaid fairy Godmother of skin care. Merci beau coup.

by Roz Katz on

I have been using Sashabelle skin care products since I first met the wonderful woman who created them 8 or 9 years ago at a Martha’s Vineyard fair. I have very sensitive skin and also had the beginnings of rosacea. I had found myself allergic to a number of facial creams and was also concerned about the many chemicals involved in even “natural” products. All of that changed with Sashabelle. The nightly ritual of applying this wonderfully aromatic and soothing lotion to my face is as much a bonus as the resulting soft and youthful looking skin for which I am so grateful. And the personal attention and promptness of deliveries is not to be matched

by Ted Federici on
What a Treat to Use Sashabelle!

I have long been a user of facial skin products even before it was fashionable or considered important. I use Badescu and Khiels products and like them both. However, what a treat to use Sashabelle! I use it after shave in the morning and before applying a sunblock. I find it soothing and moisture rich. I use it again in the late afternoon after applying an astringent to remove day time grit. Then last thing at night before bed and a face washing, I apply a soothing dollop and off to sleep. I see the difference in the elasticity and perkiness of my skin and pleased to have found this cream. I heartily recommend it. Thanks for bringing this face therapy to us!