The Sashabelle mission is to create a beautiful, healing, natural product that empowers and inspires women to imbibe a total health philosophy with a simple, no nonsense, real product that works and makes us feel like royalty.

Has anyone else noticed that the beauty industry is full of fear, images of unattainable “perfection” and a constant undermining of women’s uniqueness, beauty, wisdom and power?

It’s ridiculous really. Instead of being terrified, I think we should be excited:

• To learn how we can heal our bodies and make the feel good.
• To share tips and information with each other.
• To luxuriate and pamper ourselves.
• To make beautifying be synonymous with self-nurturing and self-care.
• To compliment and support each others unique style.
• To not spend a fortune.
• To let our beauty products turn the spotlight on our inherent beauty, not to let our products cover up something we’re told is bad!!!

Do you want to be an active participant in your own health and in your own life? I do! It’s the reason I made my own skin care product. I got tired of waiting around for someone to do it for me. Sometimes we need to just do it ourselves, to take action.